Idroenergy is a company that has worked worldwide and for many years in the design, construction, installation and maintenance of on-site nitrogen production systems. Thanks to the availability of advanced technologies, to the expertise and commitment demonstrated with more than 3,000 systems installed for more that 1,400 customers worldwide, Idroenergy is a leading company in the field of on-site nitrogen and hydrogen production, sintering, gas purification and steel thermal treatment.

On-site nitrogen production allows remarkable cost savings, working time reduction, operator’s safety improvement and many other practical advantages. Indeed, hydrogen generators eliminate the need to stock large quantities of potentially dangerous gas or the need to use cylinders or other high pressure gas stocking methods that can be harmful and expensive.

Idroenergy can increase safety of on-site hydrogen and nitrogen production systems thanks to its remote reading and control system ICS – Idroenergy Communication System, that allows keeping under control the gas generation systems wherever they are located. Thanks to the safe and reliable application of ICS technology, Idroenergy has always under control all on-site nitrogen production equipment, even if installed on companies located in another country or continent.

Furthermore, thanks to a specific after-sales maintenance planning, Idroenergy guarantees a safe and reliable system monitoring and customer assistance service. The qualified Idroenergy staff is able to provide ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and to offer prompt intervention in Italy in case of need, thanks to the distribution of resources on its after-sales assistance centres in Milan, Vicenza and Livorno.

On-site nitrogen production systems designed, manufactured and sold by Idroenergy are safe, reliable, convenient and long lasting. Thanks to the constant assistance supplied to the company in Italy and abroad, Idroenergy nitrogen generators last for a long time without constituting a risk against safety, just like hydrogen generators and sintering equipment, metal thermal treatment systems, brazing systems, new energies and hydrogen filling stations. Let’s see the advantages of producing nitrogen on-site and especially, which services are supplied by Idroenergy for the generators sold and installed worldwide.

On-site nitrogen production: a safe choice

On-site nitrogen production systems are a long and short term safe and reliable solution. Indeed, locally producing nitrogen at the desired purity and quantity the customer can avoid keeping potentially hazardous and expensive stocks of high pressure compressed gas in cylinders or tanks of liquid.

Passing to on-site production systems, nitrogen can be exclusively produced on-site when necessary, at the required purity for the desired applications. Thanks to on-site nitrogen production the operators do not have to work on places where potentially hazardous high-pressure gases are stocked, increasing job place safety and operator’s protection.

But that’s not all: on-site nitrogen production systems do not cause any gas compression and do not require any part in motion to produce the required pressure (up to 8 bars), they do not need high pressure pipes and the operators and/or gas suppliers do not have to handle or move anything. Thanks to the use of on-site nitrogen production systems, the gas is only produced when the process needs it, drastically decreasing the quantity of gas stocked and therefore eliminating a risk condition.

Furthermore, quality and safety of Idroenergy nitrogen generators are guaranteed by the certifications of compliance with TUV and PED Italian and European norms. These independent institutes guarantee reliability and quality of on-site nitrogen production systems after rigorous performance tests that ensure their resistance even in case of frequent and intense stimulation.

But also Idroenergy controls on-site nitrogen production systems before and after installation. In fact, safety experts of on-site nitrogen generators work both, locally and remotely applying strict Idroenergy safety protocols. Remotely, the technical team is able to continuously control all the nitrogen generation systems through the safety/control software ICS – Idroenergy Communication System that allows remote reading, monitoring and regulating operations, wherever the systems are installed.

Locally, thanks to its after-sales service centres located in Milan, Vicenza and Livorno, Idroenergy is able to ensure customer proximity and quick service for any problem concerning on-site nitrogen generation equipment. The outstanding qualities of competence and commitment of Idroenergy technical personnel that is highly oriented to problem solving, guarantee customised solutions and effective interventions. Furthermore, Idroenergy after-sales service takes thoroughly and continuously care of the installations, assuring the customers a constant supply of gas, considering the characteristics of purity and flow rate required by the application.

Specific maintenance contracts can be stipulated for installed nitrogen generators to provide the user with periodic on-site inspection, scheduled maintenance and spare parts management, guaranteeing this way 100% safe on-site nitrogen production processes and constant gas supply.

With more than 3,000 dissociators and on-site hydrogen and nitrogen production equipment installed worldwide and in all industrial sectors, Idroenergy is a leading company with proven reliability. Thanks to its ongoing service throughout the territory, the application of high quality standards in terms of design, engineering, delivery and system management, Idroenergy is a safe choice for the purchase and installation of on-site gas generation systems.

On-site nitrogen production: a convenient choice

On-site nitrogen production at specific purities and for the required applications (standard or high), offers many important advantages including cost saving. In fact, a considerable gas supply cost saving can be immediately obtained by choosing to pass to on-site nitrogen generation, ensuring a substantial increase in productivity, without cost fluctuations due to the equipment purchase.

But let’s see the reasons for which on-site nitrogen production is convenient in terms of costs and safety. First of all, on-site gas production carried through Idroenergy equipment is only based on the use of electricity and compressed air: this will considerably cut down gas supply costs. This is a concrete and quantifiable saving that can be immediately verified. Consider that it takes:

o  approximately 0.3 Kwh/m3 to produce 99.5% pure nitrogen
o  approximately 0.56 Kwh/m3 to produce 99.999% high purity nitrogen, dew point – 70 °C

To know the exact and updated saving terms of on-site nitrogen production, just compare the cost of purchased (cylinders or liquid tanks) and on-site produced gas to have a precise idea of savings provided by nitrogen generators. Not to mention the fact that, producing nitrogen on-site all costs regarding gas transportation, supply and handling in high-pressure cylinders or liquid tanks will be eliminated.

Moreover, efficiency and productivity of Idroenergy integrated gas production systems are also guaranteed by the all-inclusive formula, which can significantly reduce the initial machinery purchase investment, thanks to the application of advantageous flat price contracts (changes only related to the Istat index). The all-inclusive contract includes all scheduled and extraordinary maintenance.

Idroenergy integrated systems ensure improved productivity to the advantage of industrial dynamics, and a significant improvement of the final result quality. In fact, gases generated by on-site production systems guarantee excellent results that remain consistent over time, even many years after the installation. On site nitrogen generation systems are designed to provide each user with the specific gas (in terms of flow rate, quality and purity) for the required application, with easily measurable qualitative benefits:

o  Constant purity (99.9995%)
o  Oxygen quantity < 5 ppm
o  Dew Point: better than – 65 ° C

On site nitrogen production: applications

If you are wondering what are the main fields of application of hydrogen and nitrogen, what is high purity gas produced for and which are the productive and transformative fields that need on-site nitrogen production, in this page you will find answers to those questions. For further information or for costs and savings calculation please contact Idroenergy qualified personnel by phone or by email:

On-site nitrogen production is applied to:

o  inert atmospheres, inerting: chemical, petrochemical;
o  protective atmosphere: thermal treatments, steel, food (blanketing, bottling/packaging, hydrogenation);
o  hydraulic: pneumatic tube transport.

Particularly, nitrogen generators can be used for many applications that require inert atmospheres, free of oxygen. The required nitrogen purity depends on the application. This means there are:
o  nitrogen applications that require atmospheres where the oxygen can be found in a small percentage (standard purity on-site nitrogen production);

o  nitrogen applications requiring high-purity atmospheres where the presence of oxygen is reduced to a few ppm – parts per million (on-site high purity nitrogen production).

Among nitrogen applications with standard purity atmospheres (97-99%) we can find:

o  inert technical atmospheres: chemical and petrochemical fields;
o  inert atmospheres, inerting: metal works (welding protection);
o  food industry (blanketing, bottling/packaging – wine, oil, water);
o  hydraulics.

Among nitrogen applications with high purity technical atmospheres (99.999%, DEW POINT – 70°C) we can find:

o  thermal treatments (see also metallurgy), static or continuous;
o  food industry;
o  chemical processes;
o  pharmaceutical.

For on-site high purity nitrogen production it is not necessary to oversize the system: if the user needs to generate on-site high purity nitrogen, the catalytic purification technology is used, it is based on the elimination of the oxygen fractions through the use of palladium oxide in the special purification devices PF; afterwards the nitrogen is dried on activated alumina towers until a DP between -70 ° C and -80 ° C is reached.