On-site hydrogen production is an inexpensive, practical and safe solution. Thanks to hydrogen generators, in fact, there is no longer the need to store large quantities of potentially hazardous gases or to stock high pressure cylinders. On-site hydrogen and nitrogen production systems supplied by Idroenergy are even more safe, thanks to a monitoring system and customer assistance service granted by its after-sales service centres in Milan, Vicenza and Livorno and  to the constant use of a high precision remote reading and regulation system.

Idroenergy, leading company for technical gas equipment production and installation, is able to provide customers with a constant, prompt and reliable after-sales service during all the equipment life phases, granting safe and long lasting hydrogen generators, nitrogen generators, sintering equipment, steel thermal treatment and gas purification systems.
Let’s see the advantages of on-site hydrogen production and particularly, which are the services provided by Idroenergy for generators sold and installed worldwide

On-site hydrogen production: a safe choice

With over 3,000 dissociators and on-site high-purity gas production equipment installed in all industrial sectors and a continuous customer assistance service throughout the territory, Idroenergy is a leader in the production, sale and installation of on-site gas generation systems. Idroenergy is able to guarantee the highest reliability and excellent performance standards in design, engineering, delivery and system management.

Thanks to its centres located in Milan, Vicenza and Livorno, and to the exclusive ICS technology – Idroenergy Communication System, Idroenergy qualified personnel is always able to keep on-site hydrogen production equipment under control to immediately intervene if any problem arise, wherever they are located. In fact, on-site hydrogen production equipment is not only equipped with a local control/security software but is also equipped with the innovative remote reading and controlling system ICS. This technology is widely used to control hydrogen and nitrogen generators sold and installed by Idroenergy worldwide.

Not only remote monitoring and quick service: on-site hydrogen production systems sold and installed by Idroenergy are safe because subject to regular and strict inspections at every life phase. Idroenergy staff takes care of scheduled ordinary maintenance operations as well as any extraordinary maintenance operation required. Furthermore, the installation of on-site hydrogen and nitrogen generation systems is carried out with the maximum efficiency and safety.

PED and TUV certifications guarantee safety of on-site hydrogen generation systems produced, sold and installed worldwide by Idroenergy; those certifications are issued by reliable and independent institutions recognised worldwide for their ability to ensure safe production processes and product quality, tested observing strict performance standards.

Idroenergy hydrogen generators do not cause any gas compression and do not use parts in motion to obtain the required pressure (up to 12 bar and over). On-site hydrogen production through Idroenergy generators eliminate the need to handle potentially hazardous compressed gas cylinders, thus avoiding the accumulation of high pressure hydrogen. Taking advantage of on-site production systems the customer can produce just the required amount of hydrogen, drastically reducing the quantity of gas stored.

In addition, hydrogen generators do not require any manipulation or handling, or the use of high-pressure flexible pipes or cylinder holders. Moreover, Idroenergy on-site hydrogen production systems do not need circulation pumps or other components installed externally; no live parts are left open and they cannot be accessed by users.

As demonstrated, Idroenergy on-site hydrogen production systems are able to ensure high safety standards regarding the operator’s health protection and the stability of surrounding structures. Thanks to the manufacturing technologies that allow efficient and reliable use, operation, monitoring and maintenance, thanks to a series of strict and regular inspections made ​​by its efficient, responsible and well trained staff and thanks to the ability to produce only the necessary quantity of high purity gas, on-site and when necessary, Idroenergy on-site hydrogen production systems are able to provide several advantages from the point of view of safety.

In addition, please note that Idroenergy is a leader in on-site hydrogen and nitrogen production systems, sintering, steel thermal treatment systems and purified gas production systems; it has sold and installed over 2,000 dissociators, hydrogen and nitrogen generators and equipment for on-site high-purity gas production systems installed in all industrial sectors worldwide. Leader in the production of on-site gas generation systems, Idroenergy grants continuous assistance service throughout the territory as well as maximum reliability during the phases of design, engineering, delivery and management of on-site high purity gas production systems.

On-site hydrogen production: a convenient choice

Thanks to Idroenergy on-site hydrogen and nitrogen production is safe and convenient. Integrated on site systems built and installed by Idroenergy are in fact able to produce high purity gas for the most advanced industrial processes. Idroenergy is the ideal partner for design, construction and installation of on-site high-purity hydrogen and nitrogen production equipment and systems.

Integrated on-site hydrogen production systems allow short and long term savings on the production of high purity gases. In fact, the purchase of hydrogen generators with the all-inclusive formula, and with profitable flat price contracts (changes depend on Istat index) can significantly reduce the initial investment. To calculate cost savings obtained through on-site hydrogen production, just compare the cost of purchased and produced gas.

In addition, on site production through hydrogen generators allows considerable cost reduction for gas supply.The generators provided by Idroenergy are only powered through electrical energy and ensure maximum long term efficiency and productivity. This way, the customer can save money instead of making high investments for gas supplied in high pressure cylinders, with the safety risks involved with their handling and transportation. Moreover, on-site hydrogen production allows optimising the production processes, generating only the necessary amount of gas, with excellent purity characteristics.

On-site hydrogen production: applications

Which are the main hydrogen and nitrogen application fields? Which production and transformation industries require on-site hydrogen production? If you have these or other questions regarding on-site hydrogen production, this is the article you are looking for.

    • On-site high purity hydrogen and nitrogen production is useful for metallurgy: indeed, Idroenergy on-site high purity hydrogen and nitrogen generation systems are widely used on metallurgy, where high-purity kept constant on time is very important.


    • On-site hydrogen production is also useful for flame applications, for which hydrogen is the ideal fuel:


o Flat and hollow glass
o pipes
o crystal
o artistic glass
o precious metals


o aviation and aerospace
o paper and textile
o steel and petrochemical
o food


o Manual and automatic brazing
o pipe brazing
o brazing in conveyor furnaces

    • Hydrogen is the most important clean fuel, therefore it is applied as fuel for renewable energy. On-site hydrogen production is therefore studied and used in the new energy field where is widely used for:

o Fuel cells
o Car and bus filling stations
o Weather balloons
o Alternator cool-down on power plants