Hydrogen is the most excellent “clean” vector for energy. Steam and water are  its combustion’s residues only . That’s why hydrogen is used for:

  • Fuel cells energy production
  • filling station for hydrogen powered vehicles
  • “zero emission” systems, connecting hydrogen generators to new energy (aeolian and or solar energy)

“Idroenergy” high purity hydrogen generation systems
enginereed and produced for new clean energy

New technologies need special hydrogen features and high reliability.

Integrated and modular Idroenergy systems produce high purity and dry hydrogen (99,999%, dew point better than – 60 °C), maintaining high  steady and continuous quality, 24 hours/24.

From natural power, energy for energy production
High modularity, flexibility and technological features of Idroenergy generators allow the easy connection to new energy sources, using sun and wind for  “hydrogen vector” production.

Idroenergy generators: high quality with  technological and innovative solutions

hydrogen uses in environment and energy

fuel cells
Idroenergy generators, producing special quality hydrogen required from fuel cells employ, are just installed on Research centers, Universities, Test and analysis Centers.

Cars and bus filling stations
Idroenergy generators,due to their  reliability   (24h/24, 365 days per year) and technological solutions are used for car and bus filling stations in Europe.

Hydrogen from wind and sun
Matching Idroenergy systems   directly to aeolian generators or solar panels,  the new energy can be stored and used when sun and wind are not available

Metereologic baloons
Idroenergy produces special generators (up to 9 bars) heavy duty and capable to fill  metereological baloons, even in critical conditions (mountain area and or tropical zone)

Electrical generator cooling
Reliability, continuous production, customized installations, certifications, TUV mark and several law conformity: that’s why Idroenergy generators are installed in the biggest European electrical power plant.