Hydrogen: the perfect fuel gas for flame applications

Hydrogen is the best fuel gas for all kind of brazing application. Its clean and pure flame produces high and concentrate thermic power. Idroenergy produces on-site Hydrogen and Oxygen machinery  having the best quality required from brazing works.

Heating works

Different industrial fields use hydrogen for heating, metal fusion and bending. Idroenergy on site generators are the  safety, economic and efficient solution for this kind of applications

Application fields:
Artistic Glass

Coating (on metal or other products) using flame coming out from pure hydrogen gives an excellent    finishing on pieces.
In the most used wire spraying applications (stainless steel, nickel, molybdenum, zinc, and other metals), hydrogen powering fusion flame is well employed for coating of bearings, staples, rings, mechanical components and many other products: it is the best solution to resolve erosion, friction, corrosion, wear and tear problems.


Idroenergy generators are largely employed for brazing of many metals (iron, brass, copper) and products, in different uses:

  • Standard brazing (slow, medium or hard)
  • “capillary” brazing for tubes and pipes
  • Automatic brazing: due to their  reliability and strongly working capacity, Idroenergy on-site generators are well connected  to the automatic brazing machines
  • conveyor brazing furnaces: connected to purifiers, idroenergy systems produce high pure atmospheres employed in conveyor  furnaces for brazing applications.

The high capacity of each model and the high pressure production (up to 7-8 bar) allow the use of idroenergy generators on  multiple welding stations, connected  on long gas distribution lines composed by many torches: that’s why generators capable of 15 or 30 m3/h at 5 bar are required.

Application fields:
Heat exchangers
Air conditioners
Metal frames
Freezing  equipment
Bathroom metal accessories
gold makers
Metal components
Thermostats and regulators

Some applications and products require only the hydrogen use for its high specific power and for the capacity of its flame to be thin and concentrate.