Idroenergy designs, manufactures and installs gas purifying systems for all those chemical and industrial uses for which high purity nitrogen and hydrogen gases are required.

The purified gases are widely used in different areas of the pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical industries as well as in laboratory research. In order to obtain reliable analytical results or products that can be used for other processes, the gases employed must necessarily be purified, since the presence of impurities in the gas composition such as particles of oxygen, humidity, hydrocarbons or sulphur compounds could distort the measurements and compromise the most delicate operations.

Particularly, purified gases are experiencing a growth in their application to the field of polymeric materials, with considerable advantages in terms of environmental impact, which is considerably reduced thanks to the use of nitrogen and hydrogen as alternative energy sources, as well as reagents for synthesis processes. Thanks to the technological developments on separation and purification of gases like hydrogen and nitrogen, it is now possible to simplify and speed different laboratory and industrial production procedures making them more convenient and ecological.

But what is meant by purified gases? Particularly, in case of nitrogen and hydrogen when it comes to purified gases we refer to a composition that is absolutely free of oxygen molecules and humidity. To obtain these pure gases it is necessary to subject them to particular purifying and drying processes in specific equipment, or to use on-site generation systems designed and manufactured by Idroenergy.

The nitrogen and hydrogen gases purifying technology is extremely important since it allows reducing costs and polluting emissions that damage the environment in different processes, such as thermal treatment of steel and sintering, steel industry applications that find excellent allies in on-site production systems for gases such as nitrogen and hydrogen.
Among the most important purified gases known up to now we find:

Electrolytic hydrogen: that is purified and separated from oxygen and water (humidity); the electrolytic hydrogen is already free of hydrocarbons and sulphur compounds;
Nitrogen: that is separated from oxygen and humidity;

On-site nitrogen and hydrogen production systems designed, manufactured and installed by Idroenergy throughout Italy and abroad are able to produce pure hydrogen and nitrogen for all applications requiring high purity atmospheres.
In purified gases, the presence of oxygen is reduced to a few ppm – parts per million (high purity atmospheres).
In addition, a percentage of Argon is found in nitrogen, which is a component that increases the quality of the purified gases.

The need for a continuous flow of high purity nitrogen and hydrogen particularly regards the processes for thermal treatment of metals, in static or continuous furnaces, food treatments (processes for the production of specific products), chemical processes and the pharmaceutical industry.

High purity of gases is achieved without any plant over-sizing. Gas purification is performed through catalytic treatment, a process based on the elimination of fractions of oxygen found in nitrogen and in hydrogen. The catalytic purification process makes use of palladium oxide inside the special purifying devices PF. In a second step the nitrogen is dried on activated alumina towers, where a DP between -70 ° C and -80 ° C is reached.

The on-site hydrogen and nitrogen generation systems are able to produce a continuous flow of high purity nitrogen and hydrogen gases totally free of oxygen. High purity gases produced by Idroenergy on-site nitrogen and hydrogen generators are also dry, this characteristics is achieved through the special drying towers found in PF purifiers.

High-purity nitrogen and hydrogen generators produced by Idroenergy are able to produce high purity gases (up to 99.9999%) with a low energy consumption and a net saving on the supply of gas, which must be added to the increased workplace safety thanks to the elimination of high pressure gas accumulations.

On-site high purity nitrogen and hydrogen gases production systems require a small installation area and are based on completely automated processes; the presence of a dedicated operator is not required for their continuous operation.

With a minimum scheduled maintenance and with the possibility to control the equipment through innovative remote technology ICS – Idroenergy Communication System, Idroenergy nitrogen and hydrogen generators are able to improve and simplify the production processes that require the presence of purified gases such as nitrogen and hydrogen.

With more than 3,000 systems installed worldwide, Idroenergy is the ideal partner for on-site nitrogen and hydrogen production, which can be applied in sintering processes and thermal treatment of steel. The quality of purified gases produced by Idroenergy on-site generators is certified and they reach high purity atmospheres.