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Since 1987, Idroenergy has been installing more than 3.000 machineries in 40 different Countries

Applications: Brazing, Gold, Silver and precious metals thermal treatments in the following countries: Italy, Switzerland, France, USA, Australia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, India

Applications: Thermal treatments of stainless steel, Brass, copper, critical metals In the following countries: Italy, Switzerland, France, USA, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Russia, Argentina, Turkey

Application: New energies and environment In the following countries: Italy, Spain, Belgium, Japan, Turkey,


Idroenergy designs, realizes and installs plants and systems for the Hydrogen and Nitrogen on-site production of ultra-high purity gas.

Industrial research and engineering guarantee to the customer a perfect correspondence between offer and application.

The Idroenergy organization realizes turn key plants through all the steps of design, purchasing, production, installation, test, start-up, operators training and after-sale service.
The high technical specialisation allows to offer personalised plant solutions, aimed to the application and the productive structure of the customer.
By means of our technicians, we follow directly installation, test and start-up of the plants in order to obtain the maximum correspondence between the plant and the customer application.


The after-sales service centres placed in Milano, Vicenza and Livorno guarantee to the customer a short intervention time. Competence and devotion of our technicians assure customized solutions and “problem solving” interventions.
The Idroenergy after-sale service follows our plants continuously, providing for the customer a constant gas supply in the requested characteristic of flow-rate and purity. Specific service contracts guarantee to the user periodical on-site interventions in order to carry out controls, maintenance and spare parts management.

Idroenergy gas production plants are provided with a software named ICS – IDROENERGY COMMUNICATION SYSTEM
The integrated system of remote reading and regulation allows the remote management and control (also intercontinental) of the production plants, by means of dates exchange between the generation units and Idroenergy Office, in order to raise the machines reliability, optimize the service interventions and to carry out the relevant adjustments during working time, improving plants efficiency.

Idroenergy always foreseen, after plant installation, an operator training in order to instruct the customer about the use. On request, the operators may also follow the machines test in our company.
Operator manuals and documentation are available in Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian on paper and on DVD-ROM