Idroenergy, a leading company that manufactures and installs technical gas production equipment with more than 3000 machines installed worldwide for more than 1500 customers. With its after-sales service centres located in Milan, Vicenza and Livorno, Idroenergy is able to guarantee fast intervention to solve any problem regarding the operation and maintenance of hydrogen generators, nitrogen generators and sintering equipment, thermal treatment of metals, brazing, flame applications and in case of renewable energy, the production of hydrogen from solar panels or aeolian generators as well as on the installation of generators for hydrogen distributors.

TUV certifications undoubtedly guarantee safety on company processes and quality on Idroenergy products.  On-site production of hydrogen and nitrogen is safe and convenient thanks to Idroenergy.  Idroenergy manufactures and installs on-site integrated systems that are able to produce high purity nitrogen and hydrogen for the most advanced industrial applications. Idroenergy is the ideal partner to design, manufacture and install systems able to produce on-site high purity hydrogen and nitrogen separately.
Let’s see together what hydrogen generators are, how they work and what they are used for, bearing in mind that for further information on on-site production of hydrogen and nitrogen the specialised personnel of Idroenergy will be pleased to serve you, with its service centres located in Milan, Vicenza and Livorno that already serve a high number of satisfied customers worldwide.


HYDROGEN GENERATORS: main specifications

Idroenergy hydrogen generators are designed and manufactured for industrial processes and applications including the most innovative and advanced ones. Hydrogen generators produced and installed by Idroenergy worldwide are efficient and safe: all the components are built and assembled strictly observing severe norms and quality standards specified by TUV safety certifications.

TUV Italia is an independent certification and inspection agency belonging to the TÜV SÜD group created in Bavaria in 1866 and found in Italy since 1987. TUV’s Ethic Code is based on the ethical principles and values of honesty and correctness of behaviour; efficacious and efficient controlling systems; transparency; completeness and confidentiality of information; protection of competition and transparency on actions that may affect the market; equal opportunities and respect towards individuals; absence of conflict of interests.

TUV, the only institute in Europe that is able to certify this kind of products is a guarantee of safety and quality of the hydrogen generators produced by IDROENERGY.  Idroenergy shares with the certifying company the mission of supplying instruments that are useful to reach a sustainable development making a jobsite safer and more efficient and therefore improving the quality of life.

Thanks to its experience and know-how acquired during several years of activity in the field of on-site hydrogen and nitrogen production, Idroenergy is a worldwide technical point of reference for sintering, gas purification, thermal treatment of metals, brazing, renewable energy, hydrogen distributors, inerting systems and on-site production of nitrogen and hydrogen.
Especially, hydrogen generators (also available on “heavy duty” formats, able to produce 20, 40 and 80 m3/h of hydrogen) are very compact and do not need large installation areas, guaranteeing simple installation and handling even on small areas.

The electrolytic cells of Idroenergy hydrogen generators can work at pressures from 4 to 12 bar (and more) without any compressing device. Thanks to the advanced technology of Idroenergy hydrogen generators, even the highest pressure levels can also be supplied for high production peaks. Idroenergy hydrogen generators are indeed suitable for high pressure and high intensity applications.

Generators producing hydrogen 24 hours a day are equipped with specific electrolytic cells (located in the machine’s structure).   Such cells are made up of special components, specially designed to increase their working life and efficiency: all the electrodes are treated with coating technology, which means they are spray covered with special metallic alloys. The coating treatment assures high flexibility and reliability levels to on-site hydrogen production systems.

Large dimension hydrogen generators are designed with the exclusive Idroenergy “separation tower” technology. Each tower contains special distillation plates and a condenser is located on the top. The advantages of Idroenergy separation tower hydrogen generators are:

-a remarkable reduction of the consumption of the electrolytic solution due to the extension of the electrolyte loads that can last several years;
-an enhanced efficiency of gas production;
-the possibility to obtain thousands of continuous machine working hours.

In addition, Idroenergy offers to its customers the possibility to enjoy the benefits of its exclusive technology low and easy maintenance. Idroenergy hydrogen generators are “low and easy maintenance” since they have reduced maintenance needs and reduced spare parts replacement needs, besides, they do not need particular supervision.  In addition to safety guaranteed by the constant availability and rapidity of intervention of Idroenergy technical personnel and considering the diffusion and consolidation that make the electrolytic technology a reliable system, the innovations introduced by Idroenergy in the hydrogen generator field grant to the generator system an easier and more reliable control.

For safety reasons, Idroenergy hydrogen generators do not include circulation pumps or other components installed externally. Furthermore, no live parts are left open in Idroenergy hydrogen generators and they however cannot be reached by the user. This way any health or safety risk against workers or surrounding structures is avoided.
Idroenergy hydrogen generators are equipped with PLC and ICS (Idroenergy Communication System), a last generation technology that allows establishing an interconnection via modem to make remote readings and remote control guaranteeing maximum equipment safety and allowing an optimal generator usability and monitoring, which can be done at any condition and from any station.

In a word, Idroenergy hydrogen generators are solid, safe, reliable and convenient equipment if you consider that they are able to produce hydrogen on-site for many years. Many of the hydrogen on-site production systems manufactured and installed by Idroenergy are also able to work continuously 24 hours per day 365 days a year at significant pressure levels and high production load.

Idroenergy is able to manufacture turnkey on-site hydrogen production systems. Its professional and trained personnel is able to autonomously and successfully manage design, sales, production, installation, trial, start-up, personnel training and after-sales service phases for machinery installed in Italy and worldwide.

Thanks to its after-sales service centres located in Milan, Vicenza and Livorno, Idroenergy is able to assure to the customer prompt intervention in case of problems regarding nitrogen and hydrogen generators.  The competence and commitment of Idroenergy technical personnel are a guarantee of personalised solutions and prompt problem solving oriented interventions.



Why should we buy a hydrogen generator? If you want to know the advantages of on-site hydrogen and nitrogen production, read this brief illustrating article that will concisely explain the advantages of Idroenergy hydrogen generators. Indeed, the on-site generation of high purity gases through the use of on-site generators suitably calibrated considering the requested applications, offer a number of relevant ADVANTAGES:

      • IMMEDIATE SAVING: the on-site gas production systems supplied by Idroenergy guarantee maximum efficiency and productivity also through the all inclusive formula that remarkably reduces the initial investment thanks to the advantageous flat price contracts (variations only depending on Istat indexes). The cost reduction due to the hydrogen generator purchase is direct and easily quantifiable:  just compare the cost of purchased and on-site produced gas.

      • LONG TERM SAVING AND CONVENIENCE:  on-site gas production through hydrogen generators powered using electrical energy, allows a remarkable cost reduction on gas supply. Instead of buying gas in high-pressure cylinders with high supplying, handling and transportation costs and implying safety risks, on-site hydrogen production allows saving and optimising the procedure.
      • SERVICE AND GUARANTEES: thanks to its offices located in Milan, Vicenza and Livorno, Idroenergy qualified personnel is always able to promptly intervene supplying ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and guaranteeing correct system operation at full efficiency with the maximum user safety.
      • PRODUCTIVITY AND QUALITY: Idroenergy integrated systems for on-site hydrogen production are able to guarantee enhanced productivity and a remarkable quality improvement; the gases produced by Idroenergy hydrogen generators guarantee excellent results that remain constant on time, since they are designed to supply the specific gas to each user (in terms of flow rate, quality and purity) considering its application.

The relevant quality advantages of on-site hydrogen production systems remain constant on time, they are stable for many years and do not present any problems regarding compressed gas quality variation, since it is guaranteed by on-site purifying systems.  The following data regards the quality of gas produced:

o  Constant purity (99.9995%)
o  Oxygen quantity < 5 ppm (for both, Nitrogen and Hydrogen)
o  Dew Point: better than -65°C

  • SAFETY: using Idroenergy hydrogen generators it is not necessary to use compressed gas on risky cylinders, pure gas is obtained exclusively on-time and on-site with different advantages regarding safety:

o  producing just the gas required by the process, the hydrogen generators avoid the accumulation of high-pressure hydrogen, drastically reducing stocked gas and its potential danger;
o  hydrogen generators do not generate any gas compression and they do not use any part in motion to reach the required pressure (up to 8 bar);
o  hydrogen generators do not require any manipulation or handling or the use of high pressure pipes and/or tank holders.
o  Idroenergy hydrogen generators are all certified observing the strict TUV norms and PED standards.

  • CONTROLS: On-site hydrogen production systems are subject to repeated and strict inspections during all their working life phases. Besides being provided with control/safety software, Idroenergy hydrogen generators are monitored and supervised by a team of experts through ICS – Idroenergy Communication System – a remote reading and controlling system normally used by Idroenergy to control many international and intercontinental companies.
  • RELIABILITY: with more than 3,000 dissociators, hydrogen and nitrogen generators and on-site high-purity gas production equipment installed in all industrial fields, with a continuous assistance service on the entire territory; with characteristics of reliability on design, engineering, delivery and plant management fields, Idroenergy remains a leading company for the production of ON-SITE gas generation systems.

Hydrogen generators:  why to choose Idroenergy

Summarising, the advantage of hydrogen generators supplied by Idroenergy include:

  • High production capacity: Idroenergy hydrogen generators are able to satisfy consumption increase.
  • High purity of gases with great benefits for the product’s final quality
  • TUV certification to guarantee the quality of hydrogen generators
  • Hydrogen machinery not generating classified areas (as in TUV certification)
  • PED Certification (European norms) to guarantee the hydrogen generator’s pressure tank safety
  • Maintenance service available worldwide
  • Original spare parts and guaranteed interventions by Idroenergy qualified personnel
  • Reliability: over 3,000 dissociators installed, in more than 130 countries

Idroenergy is a company able to guarantee maximum safety, constant after-sales service, the use of the most advanced technologies and major on-site hydrogen production cost saving. For any further information on high purity gas generators please contact Idroenergy qualified personnel; they are a guarantee of excellent quality and safety.


HYDROGEN GENERATORS: certifications and conformity with norms

On-site hydrogen production through Idroenergy systems is done strictly observing international norms, as demonstrated by all the certifications obtained: Idroenergy hydrogen generators are indeed designed and installed observing al German/European safety norms (BGV) and they are certified by the TUV agency. The installation of on-site hydrogen production systems does not imply the area classification observing “Atex” norms. Idroenergy hydrogen generators are supplied with EC marks and they are manufactured and installed in compliance with the following norms and directives:

Idroenergy’s hydrogen generator totally fulfils the following directives: 

2006/42/EC Machinery Directive
2004/108/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility

The product is also in compliance with the following directives:

97/23/EC (PED) Pressure equipment directive
2009/105/EC Simple pressure vessels directive

 And according to the following standards:

EN 60204-1:2006/A1:2009 Machinery electrical equipment
EN60079-10-1:2009 Hazardous areas


IDROENERGY nitrogen and hydrogen on site generators are largely used in metallurgy, where high purity and quality is required.

Wire thermal treatments
Pipes and tubes thermal treatments
Metal plates and sheets thermal treatments
Thermal treatments in conveyor furnaces
Thermal treatments in “bell” furnaces
Galvanized metals annealing
brazing in conveyor furnaces
Copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel and other critical metals thermal treatments
Plasma Coating


Artistic Glass

Paper and Textile industry
Iron Metallurgy, oil and chemical industry

brazing for tubes and pipes
Automatic brazing: due to their reliability and high working capacity, Idroenergy on-site generators are largely used with the automatic brazing machines
conveyor brazing furnaces: idroenergy systems produce high pure atmospheres employed in conveyor furnaces for brazing applications.


Hydrogen is the most excellent “clean” vector for energy. Steam and water are its combustion’s residues only . That’s why hydrogen is used for:

Fuel Cells
Car and Autobus filling stations
Metereologycal balloons
Power plant cooling systems