Idroenergy gas purifiers, with automatic nitrogen backwashing system regeneration, may be connected to Hydrogen and Nitrogen generators, when  dew-point values to – 70 °C and purity better  than 99.9995% are required (impurity content less than 5ppm).

PF purifiers are capable of three different functions:

  • catalytic oxygen reduction, by special catalyzer
  • water and humidity reduction, by special drying towers
  • nitrogen and hydrogen mixing and regulation system, if required.

A safety mechanism interrupts gas flow if its quality exceeds tolerance limits. PF Purifiers are  recommended where gas purity has great  importance  as in thermal treatments and all processes requiring high purity atmosphere, where oxygen content can  be maximum 1 ppm.


  • Full automatic operations controlled by PLC.
  • The purifier doesn’t have any heating external resistance that may damage and corrode the metal.
  • Idroenergy purifier has “plug in” internal heating resistance, equipped by special bottom flow diffuser.
  • Catalysis oxygen reduction maximum temperature: 200 °C
  • The purifier Deoxi towers have been “heavy duty” construction engineered: big carbon steel

metal thickness gives capacity to withstand at high temperature. That’s why purifier efficiency
in maximum and life is longer than other competitor ones (normally Idroenergy purifiers have
dozen of working years life).

– Such as Idroenergy generators, Purifier are really compacts; they may be installed along a wall
and the purifier occupancy area is reduced.